Public Funding of Elections Comes to NY!

You probably haven’t heard, because there’s barely been a whisper about it.  A google search tonight revealed two news items about it.  But a political earthquake has shaken New York.  Campaign finance reform, and voluntary public funding of election campaigns, have come to New York. Governor Hochul and the legislature have come to an agreement on the state budget which includes $39.5 million for a public funding program. 

By raising as little as $15,000, candidates for the Assembly can receive the maximum allowable matching funds for each election, $175,000.  Senate candidates can receive up to $375,000 after raising as little as $35,000 in matching funds. So many grassroots organizers and community activists will suddenly be able to raise enough money to run credible, competitive campaigns.

No matter a person’s qualities as a candidate, you can’t get elected without money.  The New York State legislative races are “down-ballot” races, they do not get a lot of media coverage and tend to be crowded out by other up-ballot elections and other news items.  Too many ordinary voters have very little awareness about the candidates running for these offices.  This money will allow candidates who otherwise do not have access to wealthy donors and special interests to educate voters about the race and themselves. 

But the money only comes with your campaign’s compliance with a slew of regulations that are designed to create fair elections and ensure that taxpayer money is not spent improperly.  Stoll, Glickman & Bellina can help you to comply with the law and help you get the full funding available to run a successful campaign.   


Leo Glickman