The prosecutor, the ex-president and the ‘zombie’ case that came back to life

Election and civil rights lawyer Leo Glickman said such a charge against Trump “fits within the letter of the law,” though he added that he can’t think of a previous case “in which the law has been used in precisely this way.”

“I’m very curious to see what he does, because it is novel, but that doesn’t make it nonviable,” said Glickman, a veteran election and civil rights lawyer based in Brooklyn.

Republican Tenney Leads in Last Undecided 2020 House Race

Leo Glickman, an election lawyer who isn’t involved in the dispute, said ballot scanners are accurate in general.

“It’s rare to see a major discrepancy,” he said. “Every now and then you might see one just because of the way a voter colored in a ballot.”

The long wait for New York City election results

“The Board of Elections itself generally will not publicly update numbers until they’re ready to certify for the whole city,” said Leo Glickman, an election lawyer and partner at Stoll, Glickman & Bellina LLP, though he noted that campaigns may still informally share unofficial results from overseeing the count.

‘Shenanigans’ on Progressive Kat Brezler in White Plains NY Democratic Primary Endemic of Intraparty Struggle

In a tweet, Brezler’s lawyer, Leo Glickman, said pointing out the party’s bad behavior to his client is part of the political struggle of the moment. “I know in this age of Trump many of us just don’t want to hear complaints about Democrats,” said Glickman. “And frankly, I do get it. But the people critical of […]

Rangel Leads Espaillat In Primary Race After Additional Ballots Counted

“We have identified many instances in which people were turned away from the polls,” Leo Glickman said, adding he’s reviewing possible voter suppression, too.