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Getting on the ballot

To be a candidate in an election, your name has to appear on the ballot. But getting your name on the ballot is not an easy process.  

In New York, gathering signatures on petitions is the process used to get a candidate’s name on the ballot. Depending on the office and district you run in, candidates must gather a certain number of valid signatures to run in the upcoming election. Rules on what makes a signature valid are complex: petitions must be in a certain format, must include legal language, and must be submitted in a certain way at certain times.  

As a former campaign operative, Mr. Glickman has direct experience of the petitioning process as well as a comprehensive understanding of the legal pitfalls of petitioning when regulations are not met. This combination of legal expertise and on-the-ground candidate petitioning experience makes him uniquely qualified to advise and represent political campaigns.

Gathering enough signatures to get your name on the ballot is a huge task – all of which can be a waste of money, time and effort if a campaign runs afoul of election laws and the candidate’s name is removed from the ballot.  

Glickman has trained and advised hundreds of candidates who successfully made it onto the ballot, call (718) 852-3710 to discuss your campaign. 

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